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by Lady of the Dark (queen_of_the_da)
at March 31st, 2007 (12:12 am)

current mood: happy
current song: Para que me quieras como quiero- Ricardo Arjona

  1. Your name/age:  Fernanda/26

  2. Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Your heritage/ spoken languages: Im a mix of spanish..arabic...and italian...but I just speak spanish and english
  4. Why you'd like to join us: I was looking for a place like this..where I can talk to girls just like me...without prejudice or anything for that matter...just be myself..and be happy for that...also I was looking for new friends and found this as a good place to start :)
  5. What are three great things about your personality: Im sarcastic in a nice and funny way...Im very friendly...and ppl say they can trust in me
  6. What are three things you love about your body (or hope to love soon): My eyes...my "boobs" (ok..i know it´s silly but..I like them! lol)..ad hopefully..I´ll get to love the rest of it soon! :)
  7. Are there any body love websites/ movies/ books you can recommend to us? not yet..´cause all the things I know are in spanish..if you´re interested...ask me and I´ll give you the names... About movies..mm..did anybody see the version from 1995 of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE?..if not..I recommend it
  8. Who is a strong, beautiful female you admire? Renée Zellweger ..Sandra Bullock...and you dont know her..but my mum is a strong beautiful female that I admire :) she´s my role model